Sideways Stories

from Wayside School

May 10, 11, & 12 at 7 pm

May 12 at 2 pm

The Neil Shapiro Center for

the Performing Arts

at the new Winthrop Middle/High School

Adapted for the stage by John Olive

Based on the novels by Louis Sachar


As designed, Wayside School was supposed to be 30 classrooms, all on one story. Instead, the builder constructed a 30-story building, one classroom wide. (He said he was very sorry). As a result, everything about Wayside School is wacky. The higher one climbs, the stranger the people and the things that happen to them. In math, students must count to 100 — alphabetically — or risk being turned into apples. And everyone from the cow to Principal Kidswatter knows that “Miss Zarves does not exist!” Be there for roll call at Sideways Stories from Wayside School, and you’ll laugh all the way to the 30th floor!

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